Volume : 10, Issue : 01, January – 2023



Authors :

Md. Jawed Ansari, Dr. Vivekanand Katare*, Mr. Shivam Nema, Mr. Prabhat Kumar Jain


Abstract :

Herbal plants, are a new class of growth promoters and in recent years this feed additives have gained extensive attention in the feed industry. They are a wide variety of herbs, spices, and products derived thereof, and are mainly essential oils. Although numerous reports have demonstrated antioxidative and antimicrobial and immune stimulation efficacy in vitro, respective experimental in vivo evidence is still quite limited. Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines derived from natural sources, mainly from plants. It basically deals with standardization, authentication and study of natural drugs. Nelumbo nucifera, now placed in the mono-generic family Nymphaeaceae, has numerous common names (e.g. Indian lotus, Chinese water lily and sacred lotus) and synonyms (Nelumbium nelumbo, N. speciosa, N. speciosum and Nymphaea nelumbo). All parts of N. nucifera have many medicinal uses. Results of Fluorescence study showed the fluorescence activity of Nelumbo nucifera (leaves). The result of macroscopy indicated that the Nelumbo nucifera (leaves) are of yellow color with indistinct odor. Extraction of the plant was done by maceration process. The yield of extract obtained from samples using hydroalcoholic solvent is depicted in the table. The results of Thin layer Chromatography was noted and Rf value was calculated.
Key Words: Herbal Plants, Pharmacognosy, Nelumbo nucifera, Herbs, Fluorescence study

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